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Background of The Women of Ateneo (TWA)

• In 1991 when he was Director of Admission and Aid, Fr. Galdon called upon the first batch of “Coeds” (1977) to help raise funds for Scholars of the Ateneo. That year, a reunion of the first women graduates of Batch 1977 was led by Lizza Nakpil to start the scholarship fund-raising campaign. The Core Group, composed mostly of Coeds (that is, alumnae) from Class 1977 namely Lizza Nakpil, Irma Cecilio, Pilar de Guzman-Palabrica, Agnes Angeles, Elizabeth Claudio-Umali, Yvonne Yuchengco, Vicky Lu-Choa, Jane Barros-Montilla, Cristina Laus-Ferguson, Lolita Molina-Santos, Nancy Araw-Limuaco  and Nonna Pena-Nanagas, and Claire Mendoza of Class 1983, was eventually formed. Fr. Galdon named the female graduates “The Women of Ateneo,” a name which the alumnae eventually adopted in 2002

• That same year, the Core Group of The Women of Ateneo  spearheaded two fund-raising projects contributing to the Ateneo Scholarship Funds

• In 2002, the University celebrated the 25th Anniversary  of Co-education. In response to this, the alumnae of the Jubilarian Class of 1977, led by Irma Cecilio and Bess Claudio-Umali initiated the formation of a Core Group of alumnae composed of women representatives from different batches. The Core Group is led by the alumnae from College Class of 1977. In appreciation of Ateneo opening its doors to women, the 2002 Core Group then decided to present and install a Commemorative Plaque in the University grounds

• On October 11, 2002, on occasion of the University Reception for Alumnae, the 2002 Core Group presented the Plan to Install the Commemorative Plaque at the Ateneo grounds. At same night, the 2002 Core Group together with other alumnae present voted on how the alumnae will be called. The alumnae voted to officially use “The Women of Ateneo” (TWA), a name used by Fr. G. to identify all women graduates of the University. It is now used to represent the network of “Women Alumni” from different batches;

• On December 7, 2002, on occasion of the Alumni Grand Homecoming Night, The Women of Ateneo presented the Replica of the Commemorative Plaque to Fr. Bienvenido F. Nebres, S.J., University President, assisted by Fr. Camelo A. Caluag II, S.J. Vice President Office of Planning and Development and Alumni Affairs Office. The TWA presented also an audio visual presentation of Co-education in the Ateneo de Manila University

•  March 8, 2003, Unveiling Ceremonies of the Commemorative Plaque on Co-education, installed at the Xavier Hall, was presented by the TWA Core Group. On this occasion, The Women of Ateneo gave recognition to the 1973 Ateneo University Senate who approved Co-education on January 26, 1973 and to the 1973 Board of Trustees, who approved the policy of Co-education for the College of Arts and Sciences in February 3, 1973, to take effect in June 1973. Plaques of Appreciation were also presented to those documented to be supportive to the cause of Co-education which included Fr. G, among others.

• TWA Core Group is now composed of the following:

1975 Marvy Jacinto-Pineda

1976  Vicky Lee-Panopio, Cynthia Concepcion-Baga, Gina Garcia-Atienza and Nena Legaspi-Rosales

1977  Aggie Angeles, Nancy Araw-Limuaco, Jane Barros-Montilla, Ditas Borromeo, Mayee Bringas-

Warren, Irma Cecilio, Bess Claudio-Umali, Aisy Dantes-Payumo, Irma De Guzman-San Miguel, Nanette

Dulay-Inigo, DinggayEspiritu, Marissa Fernan, Monie Hechanova, Honeybee Hubahib, Vicky Lu-Choa,

Lizza Nakpil, Jennie Ty and Yvonne Yuchengco

1978 Lina de Guzman-Ferrer and Maan Tolentino

1979 Marlene Po and Dita Tanedo

1980 Shankee Sanciangco-Miranda, Mitchie Lugtu-Castaneda  and Marivic Chan

1981 Tang Antonio-Singson

1983 Grace Llana-Walker

1985 Cathy Babao-Guballa

1988  Patricia Bunye-Rojas and Anna Peralta

1990 Len  Bautista-Horn

1993 Gay Ace Domingo

1994 Rezza  Custodio

1995 Akai Arambulo-Villaflor

1998 Mariter Nunez-Reyes

1999 Eirene Aguila

2000 Grache Cecilio and Nicole Paterno

2004 Stephani Limuaco

2007 Anne Raneses and Angelica Mejilla

2008 Braylien Siy

2011 Catherine Lim

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